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Redbud Hill Extraction Services provides full service from crude to isolate we can meet your
needs. We are a small family farm, veteran-owned, operation raising and processing our own
industrial hemp and providing extraction services to other growers.

Our service is provided on a first come first served basis although we will try to accommodate
emergency situations if someone needs product in a hurry.

Our service is provided on a “toll” basis according to the schedule listed below, is considerably
less than most processors, and is based on the CBD oil percentage of your crop. If you have a
market and wish to retain all of the product your bio-mass produces we will accept the cash
equivalent. We require a Certificate of Analysis for your plant material and reserve the right to
have your bio-mass independently tested for CBD, insecticides, fungicides, and other

Toll Fees
Oil content of:

15% or more           |    30% toll

10-15%                    |   35% toll

Less than 10% oil   |   As negotiated

We prefer bud and flower material for processing. Bio-mass with excessive limb and stalk
material requires more processing time and will be assessed a higher toll.
We will also purchase your high-quality hemp biomass straight out.

Call us at 304-249-2700 to schedule your extractions. The current lead time is 2-3 months. 

If we don’t provide the services you are looking for we will assist you in finding someone who
does. Our network is extensive and we work with several other extraction services in West

Our mission is to assist anyone we can and help them succeed in the industrial
hemp market for the benefit of us all.

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